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Hello family! I hope that everyone is doing well and keeping up the fight. It has been a very very long time since I last posted on here. I am still in the fight, still doing chemo and just taking life one day at a time. I won't get into to much detail, but since I was last on here, I have done radiation and a few different chemos. So far it seems the one I am currently on is working. I am currently on Xeloda and Avastin, I get a week off from them, so that is nice. I have lost a lot of weight, got down to 115, but managed to move back up to 126, hoping to keep it there or add to it. I don't have the strength or endurance to do alot of things, but I try. We have a new dog, her name is Sadie, she is a yellow lab, just turned seven months old, she is about 50 pounds and one big puppy....lol. She keeps us on our toes, especially me, I have to keep her busy during the day with fetch and ball play so by bed time she is tired out and will sleep like a baby. I will post a few pictures so ya'll can see her. I have missed being on here, but I guess I was just trying to get away from cancer or anything that has to do with it. I even change the tv channel when something with cancer pops up. I pray for everyone on here, for Jill for putting this site together and for those that have fought and left us. There are some people that I met on here that are no longer with us, I miss them so very much, it is still a shock to know that they are gone, makes me sad. Please keep on fighting, don't give up, keeping ya'll in my prayers,



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Rachel, Laurie sent you a hug.
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Oh, Eli, so good to hear from you! Gosh, you've been in my prayers and I'd been hoping you were OK. Seeing your post has made my day!

I hope the new chemo cocktail does its job. Congratulations on the new pup!

Hugs to you!

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Hello Eli! Good to hear from you and good to know that you onto a winning chemo. Lovely to hear the news about the new pup too - just what the doctor ordered :) Sending much love - you have been in thoughts. xx
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It's nice to hear from you again, albeit with continued chemo. Hope this works and keep active like you are.
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Eli, just gotta send you a huge hello and hug! So good to hear from you.
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Thank You Eli for posting, we all miss you so much and you are an ongoing inspiration to us all! I hope the new chemo works and doesn't make you as sick as some. I still can't do donuts but think of you every time I am at Tim Hortons getting an ice cap! Keep up the fight dear friend, and I think you have great strength and amazing endurance! Sunshine and Smiles Val
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Hope this chemo works well for you. I was on Xeloda for my presurgical chemo and did great on it. Not really liking the chemo I am on now. Hope your weight continues to increase along with your strength very soon.
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Hi Eli!

OMG! I am so glad to see your post, my friend! I'm sorry that you've had a rough go of it and about the weight loss. I think you need a few donuts! All kidding aside, I'm sorry that you are having to go through this, but happy to hear that the Xeloda and Avastin are working. I pray that it will continue to do so and that you will finally kick this to the curb.

The new puppy sounds like a handful, but I'm sure you are enjoying giving her all of that attention! She is one lucky dog to have found you!

We miss you here, but I can certainly understand how easy it is to get cancer overload. Someday, we just need to get away from it for awhile. But please know that we are always here for you whenever you need us! Take good care and thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Consider the gesture returned in full. Love you, Eli!

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So good to hear from you Eli!! I have thought about you often.
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Eli, its great to get an update from you. I think of you often and hope you're doing well. Your new dog sounds so cute. Labs are so goofy! I am sure she is a complete handful. Thinking about you! Ruth
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So glad to hear from you...a puppy--that is probably more work than a baby! Good for you. Just to let you know that I think of you often...sending you lots of love always XO
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October 8, 2014

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