Chemo 2, Round 4 complete.

Hey all, I'm late in posting about Rd 4, but it's all done. It went pretty good, once again the one issue I had is the hiccups. I get them pretty bad, keep me up at night if I don't take anything for them. Could be the decadron that I take for the three days following chemo that kicks them in.

I am getting close to my sixth treatment which means a trip to Stanford Medical for a CT scan and a meet with Dr F. I was scheduled to go next week but had to cancel since I am behind on my chemo due to insurance issues.

Anyways, I hope that everyone is doing well and fighting hard. Enjoy the nice weather if you are having it, suppose to be 108 this coming Saturday.....YIKES!




Janet sent you a hug.
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Eli, Thanks for the update. Sorry about the hiccups. That stinks! I hope everything goes well with Dr. F. I'll be watching for updates. Hugs! Ruth
Thank you Ruth. The hiccups are bad, but I just think of it as the chemo punching the cancer in the gut that is why I
Hi Eli! I'm glad round 4 is over and, other than the hiccups, you are doing pretty well. I hope your appetite remains good and that your energy hasn't tanked. I wish you all the best on your upcoming scan and appt. with your doctor. May all the news be good! Love and Hugs-- Martha
108!! Wow...and here I am complaining about 101... Be well Eli and please keep posting! XOXO
Happy birthday Eli!!! I hope this is the best one ever!
Hi Eli, Happy Birthday first of all!! I am reading all of your posts and are so inspired by how positive you are. I just finished round #2 of Cisplatin and 5 FU pump for two days. The three days after I get disconnected are pretty bad. The nausea meds don't work all that well. I have to get through 6 rounds also and I hope I can keep my spirit up through this. I am praying for you Eli XO
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Thank you Jane. Please keep your spirits up my friend, you'll do well. Bend but don't break : )
Wow, that is hot! ThinkI would melt into a puddle if I had to live with that much heat on a regular basis. You must be made of tough stuff (or have a great air conditioning system). Thinking of you, and hoping for great results on that scan when it comes. Big hugs~Ann
Feliz día Eli!!!!
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October 8, 2014

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