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Hey there, I hope that everyone is doing well today. It has been awhile since I last posted on here. Not much to report as far as anything cancer related goes. I was supposed to see my oncologist a few weeks ago, but had to cancel due to a family illness that I will speak of in a few. I have a port flush coming up next month and have to re-schedule my appointment with my oncologist, so hopefully I can get it scheduled next month as well. Now, back to the family illness, I received a phone call from my sister a few weeks ago informing me that my mother was very ill and that her doctors were only giving her a few days to live. So I quickly made plans to travel back home to Texas to see her and be with my family through this. I got to Texas on a Friday, by then my mother was out of the hospital and at home with my sister and under the care of hospice. She suffered a stroke, had congestive heart failure, clogged arteries and a few other things that made her health spiral downward. In addition, it seemed like alzheimers kicked in instantly and she could only vaguely remember who we were. The first day I saw her she remembered me for about thirty seconds and then it was over. It was like that for the next week or so. She was eating and drinking okay, but that quickly went south as well. She would fight us when we tried to feed her or give her something to drink. We went from feeding her oatmeal and other soft foods to just feeding her Glucerna, but after awhile she would not eat that either. Her breathing was very labored and she was having episodes of apnea that were anywhere from 10-12 seconds and increased as the days went on. She was at home for a little over a week before we, my two sisters and my brother got together and decided it would be best for her to be cared for at the hospice center just down the street. She was admitted into the hospice center late Tuesday the 16th, early Wednesday morning at around 0420, we got a phone call that she was close to passing. So we rushed down to the center, but she had passed minutes before we got there. It was a sad moment for us all, but it was good to see that my mom was not suffering anymore, that she was not struggling to breathe. She died peacefully in her sleep. My family and I spent a few hours with her to say our goodbyes and to be there for our other family members as they came in to say their farewells to her. We then got together to discuss funeral arangements and all that comes with it. My mom had a great plan for many years, so everything was covered and we did not have to jump through hoops to get things going. We held the visitation on Friday the 19th, many family members from out of town came to see her and pay their respects. There were so many that we had not seen in a very long time and many that we had not meet before. It was nice to see and meet everyone. We managed to put together a dvd picture video of my mom, we included pictures of us, her kids, her grandkids and great grandkids and many more. We included a picture of my mother with one of her dogs, a black and white dog named Brownie, all our dogs were named Brownie. I mention the dog picture for a reason as you will soon see. Funeral services were held on Saturday the 20th, we meet at the funeral home for about an hour before the procession departed for the church in the old neighborhood where my mom lived for many years, where we were raised. We arrived at the church about twenty minutes after we left the funeral home. When we got there, the hearse was parked near the front entrance, the pal bearers then readied to move my mothers casket into the church, but as they did, two dogs showed up. One was brown and white, the other was black and white. They were there in front of the church wagging their tails and greeting everyone. They milled around the pal bearers as the casket was brought out, then as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. My mother loved dogs, so it was like the dogs showed up to let us know that all would be well. From the church we proceeded down the road and onto the street where my mother lived with my sister, the procession stopped in front of the house and the priest got out and said a few prayers and blessed the house. This was a very touching moment as well as an amusing one since my brother, my sister and I wondered if Didi, my nephews pitbull mix dog was tied up or not. Luckily for us she was otherwise the priest might have gotten a rude From the house we went to the cemetery where we lay my mother to rest next to my father. It was a somewhat clear day, but it did rain a bit as she was lowered into her final resting place. I saw them as tears from above, but as tears of joy and not of sorrow. We all gathered at a local mom and pop restaurant afterwards, the owners are friends that my mother had made many years ago. They closed the restaurant for a few hours so that we could all be together and break bread as one big family, it was very special and very kind of them to do that for us, for her. The last two weeks were very stressful, I did not go anywhere or do anything, I stayed with her and my sister until the end. These last few days we have been going through her belongings, sorting things out and deciding what to do with this or that and what to give away and what to keep. We sorted through tons of photographs, many of which I don't have and many of which I have never seen before. Once such picture I would love to share with ya'll, it is one of my mother at the age of 15 or 16. I love this picture and feel very lucky to have found it. My mother lived a very long life and had been through a lot along the way. She was a strong tough woman and was very feisty till the end. Even as bad as she got, she still managed to ask for her and asked for a soda a few times. We will all miss her, but it's good to know that she will be taking care of us, watching over us from above. Be well all, keep up the fight and don't give up. Love, Eli
Texas Jeff, Mersea sent you a hug.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad last year and its so hard. She's at peace.
I'm so sorry, Eli. My prayers are with you and your family. Mari
Eli, my sincere condolences to you and your family for your loss. Know that you will remain in my prayers. It sounds like you and your family are united and I love to hear that. So many fall apart under stress, so I truly am happy you have ALL have support. Again, I'm so sorry. Sending my best wishes, Ruth
Eli, I am very sorry for your loss. It certainly seems, though, that you Mom went to heaven on her own terms and I think that's the way it should be. I know you'll cherish all the memories you have of her and all those photographs that you've never seen. She has not left you--in your heart, she is still there. May God bless you and your family. Love, Martha
much love to you, Eli - wishing your mother a sweet journey home - and you a lifetime holding her with love in your heart. x
So sad for you, Eli. It's just really hard to lose our parents, no matter how old we ourselves get. We're still their kids. Have gone through this with my dad a few years back, and am now struggling along with my mom. It's a hard part of life, there's no doubt about it. Sending hugs your way~Ann
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