Chemo #9 & Stanford

Good morning everyone, it is going on 0800 and I should be getting ready to hit the road, pick up some doughnut holes and head to Stanford University Medical, but I am not. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from one of the staff there informing me that they never received a referral for me. So I had to cancel my appointment for today and will have to get with my oncologist and get it all going again, it's not big deal, just wish they had caught it sometime last week and not the day before, maybe then I could have had time to have my Dr's staff refer me again and give my insurance company time to route it through to Stanford. Oh well. So yesterday I went it for chemo #9, not to be confused with love potion #9 : ) It went well, I have my portable pump at my side again, it does not seem so annoying this time as it has it the past. Maybe because I know I am getting closer to the end of my treatments (12 total) or because I am used to it. I did wake up to the tube looped around my neck this morning, so maybe I should not get some comfy with it huh? Okay, well I am ready for some breakfast, time for some pancakes and coffee, maybe a little bacon as well. Take care everyone, love you all, Eli
Lisa, Laurie sent you a hug.
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Ack...that pump is just supposed to kill the cancer, not you too, Eli! Sounds like something out of a bad horror movie..."The Pump That Would Not Die". Strangulation by chemo pump would be kind of an embarrassing way to go.
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Evil, evil pump! lol! I'm glad things are going well with #9. Only 3 more to go! You can do this, Eli!
Counting down with you! Hey...Is it your birthday on Friday? If so, Happy Birthday...May this be one of many!!!
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Yeppers, I will be 47 this Friday : )
You are such an inspiration and an incredible person!! Hang in there, I am praying for you and wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!
I remember actually missing my pump for a couple of days each time it came off. crazy how you adjust. Take care my friend, I continue to pray for you to keep up the strength....go pancakes!!!!
Glad to hear that you are doing pretty well and almost done! You seem to be doing great! I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday (a day early) Take care xoxoxox Nancy
Eli, hope you are having a celebratory day!! Happy Birthday!
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October 8, 2014

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