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Hello, I hope that everyone on BFAC is doing well. I had my first chemo treatment yesterday. I was nervous and a little scared, but it all went well. I got in the treatment room about 10:15 and the nurse hooked up some tube to my port, got a blood sample, then put on some saline for me while she had the blood tested. All my levels were good, so then the good stuff was hooked up and so for the next three hours it was nothing buy Once the three hours were up and all the drugs administered, she hooked up the portable infusion pump with the 5fu and off I went on my merry another appointment, luckily this one only took about 20 mins. I did have a little feeling of nausea last night, but took the pill for it and it seemed to work after a little while. I got pretty hungry in the evening, so I made a chicken salad sandwich, but then it just sat there on the plate for about forty minutes before I took a bite out of it. It seemed like my appetite left me as quickly as I made that sandwich. I did feel my fingertips tingling after I washed my hands in cold water last night, it lasted about 10 minutes. I also felt a sharp tart feeling in my jaw after eating a green bean/tomato mix that I love. It felt like I just bit into a lemon or grapefruit. I get the pump disconnected tomorrow which will be nice, that buzzing every 30 seconds is driving me crazy, but I was able to sleep through it, so I guess that is a good thing. Stay strong and keep fighting, Eli
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Eli, glad things went well for you. I don't have to listen to the buzzing because I have some hereditary hearing loss. Guess that comes in handy for this part! :) I thought mine didn't buzz but a couple people here at work have mentioned the buzzing when I have been talking with them. I then realized that my hearing was not sensitive enough to hear that buzzing sound. I am grateful that I sit in my own office so it does not disrupt my co-workers for those three days I wear it to work. I guess I should say the two half days and one full day. Because I only have a half day after the chemo treatment and a half day on the disconnect day. Good Luck with your remaining treatments!
Mine made a little beeping sound...kind of reminded me of the idea of putting a wind-up clock in with a new puppy! Fight on!!!
Hugs Eli! Thinking about you! :)
Sorry you are feeling the effects already Eli. I understand though that sharp jaw thing! Just keep fighting and know I am always thinking about you!
Hang in there Eli I will be praying..:)
Continued good luck....
Hi Eli! I'm so glad day 1 went well for you and I hope that will continue to be the case. The nausea pills I took were very effective--it sounds like you got some good ones too. I took them the second I felt queasy and never got sick. I had the same experience with my appetite many times. As soon as I would get something fixed to eat, I no longer wanted it. Eat whatever tastes good to you and drink that water! Glad the pump is off tomorrow! You are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend! Love, Martha
Hi glad to hear that the first one went by without too much troubles. Keep on top of those side effects with the meds. Sending hugs your way. You were on my mind yesterday. Rachel xo
So strange after awhile u will look for your pump when you wake in the night. I kept thinking I misplaced it lol. Hang in there and be careful with the cold stuff. :)
Eli I am right by your side. Kick some butt!
How are things feeling today, Eli? I found that the first couple of days were not too bad, then I got sicker for a few days before feeling better, but everyone is so different in how they react. Sending hugs and strength your way-Ann
 Shoot. That's pretty much how I went through it. It will get better in a couple of days, I promise! Do you feel like you're staying hydrated?
I feel like crap right now....blah!
Yes, just a reminder to drink that water! I don't want you to get sick and no one told me that the more you drink, the more you flush out of your system. That would have been a lot of incentive. xoxo
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