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Hello my friends, I hope that everyone is well today. I just wanted to drop in and let you know how things went for me at Stanford during my surgery last Friday. I checked in at 0500, sat for a bit, then got called back to pre-op, got set up with some hospital duds and what not and then waited around for a bit before the anesthesiologist stopped by to talk to me and tell about the epidural and if I still wanted it, which was a big YES on my I was wheeled back into the OR about 0700, had the epidural put in, which seemed to take a few minutes and was kind of painful for a bit. Once all that was done, I was told that I was going to feel sleepy, which I did and that was the last thing I remember from the OR. I don't remember being in post op or even being wheeled into my room, but there I was I had a room with a view and I was not in pain which was a huge relief compared to the last surgery I had. According to my surgeon, everything went smooth during surgery, the only thing was that he did find more nodules in the lining of my abdominal wall, very tiny one's. He is thinking that we can get those with chemo and not subject me to more surgery for now. My stay at Stanford was good, I did have a few really rough days, especially with my distended stomach. I began vomiting black liquid, which can be pretty alarming. So after a few more episodes like that, I had an NG tube put it, which helped so very much. I was still vomiting, but not as much and my stomach was being relieved of pressure. I was running a fever on and off for a few days as well. Not sure what the cause of that was, but I had X-rays taken, just to be sure that all was well inside. I did not get my turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day, but I did have a few bites of some chicken pasta soup that was pretty tasty. I was released on Friday afternoon and made it home that evening. I don't remember much about the drive home, I slept most of the way. The first few nights were pretty rough, I was vomiting, which I think was because of the road trip and then I had a fever on and off. So far I have been feeling well, get tired easily, but I feel good, no pain. I have been eating good, not large meals, just small snacks and lots of cranstrawberry juice since water taste blah right So once again, I am stapled back together like the last time, but no pain this time and I can move around pretty freely. I am headed back to Stanford on the 5th to have these staples removed and to talk chemo with my Onc. It will be another early morning drive, especially now that fog season is here. So morning coffee and dough nut holes are on the menu for next Monday. Eli
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Hi Eli - so good to hear from you - have been thinking of you and looking forward to an update. Sounds like you have had a rough time in spite of the no pain (which is wonderful). Damn to those nodules - what are they up to? Glad that they can be got with chemo but so sorry that you will have to endure. Guess the only way is to say, this is chemo with a purpose - and the purpose is that I will be free and well - thank goodness. Keep on healing and be well - much love xx
Hey Eli! I know you are on the road to recovery because you are already talking about your breakfast next Monday! lol! Donut holes--I'm impressed, as I'm not sure I could eat those right now and I haven't even had surgery! I'm glad things are going well and that you and your doc are getting on this chemo thing soon so that those nasty little buggers can be dealt with! I hope this chemo will go easy on you but kick those nodules out of there! Rest up, my friend, and know that I am thinking of you. Prayers don't hurt either and I have been saying plenty of those for you and I'm not done yet! Hugs-- Martha
Maybe he's talking about the other doughnut holes - the ones with nothing in them, so no calories! Glad you are ok now and hope this rollercoaster ride will stop soon!
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sounds like you are ready for some donut holes!
I'm really glad the pain level has been more manageable this time. Have to thank all those women having babies, I guss, for helping the docs figure out that an epidural might be a good idea for the rest of us! I always spend the first couple days after coming home with my head in the toilet-seems to just go with the territory when you do abdominal surgery. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally for that aspect, it's definitely my least favorite part of having surgery. Hope the healing goes quickly and you can get the chemo started and then be done with all of this. That stuff works really well for a lot of people and it's going to do the same for you! Hugs-Ann
Hi good to hear it went well, though it sounds like you had some rough patches. You always have such a good outlook on things. I hope you mend well and quick and with NED on every checkup from now on. Mari
I am so happy for you that this is finished. No pain is what we all hope for (that and snacks,lol). Cranstrawberry sounds good. Next time mw calls and asks if he can bring me something, I'll put that on the list :) I know chemo will kill those little devils, I hope it does for good (or at least 40 years). xoxo
Hi Eli! glad to hear things went okay. I had a similar thing happen with my surgery and the distention and the black vomit. The surgeon called it an ileus with no known cause. That tube up my nose was awful! I am sorry that you are still having to deal with this horrible thing but you seem to be taking it in stride! By the way....I would much rather have donut holes than turkey! Hang in there! ((hugs)) Jeanee
My Brother! Praise God all went well, except for the black spew, but that can happen to I am fully believing that trend will continue. Stay strong and positive. Prayers for you and yous Mac
Eli....sending hugs. Chemo will take care of that cancer that may be hanging around.
Hi Eli, So glad you are home, whole, and able to rest. Vomiting is no picnic,so to speak, and exhausting.Nausea is a terrible sensation. Keep healing and get your strength.
Great news to hear things all went well. I hope you continue to recover well and pain free, will pray that chemo kicks anything else into the dust. Good luck and look after your self.
So glad that the surgery is over and you have no pain! You sound so good! I hope you have a speedy recovery Hugs Val
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