Happy Thanksgiving

Hello my friends, I hope that everyone is doing well and in good spirits today. I am heading to Palo Alto tomorrow morning, going to spend the night in a hotel and then early Friday morning, I am checking in at Stanford University hospital for surgery. I have to check in at 0515, surgery is set for 0715, I have to do a bowel prep, I don't want to be on the road with that going on, so going a day early is the way to go...lol. I want to take this time to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving since I'll be laid up in a hospital bed that day. I hope that they serve me a turkey dinner, that would be cool. It would be really cool if I could hold it down...lol. I will keep you all posted on how things went if and when I can. If not, I will get word to ya'll somehow. I have some great family on here that I can get word to and have them pass it on to you. Be well, take care and many blessings, Happy Thanksgiving Love, Eli
Texas Jeff threw a punch at your cancer.
Lisa, Danell sent you a prayer.
Rena, Debbie sent you a hug.
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Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry you have to spend it in the hospital.
Eli-- You will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that Friday will go very smoothly for you. It's a bummer being in the hospital over turkey day, but hey, who knows, they might serve really good turkey dinners in there! You know you have many people pulling for you, cheering you on, and sending up prayers for you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for all to go well and I can't wait for the first update post-op. Take care! Love-- Martha
Hello there Eli - so wish this wasn't what you were having to do over the next days but as we know that thinking doesn't get us anywhere ... so, with a deep breath and a sigh I wish you safe journey, polite bowel prep, quiet nerves and peace, love and healing over these next days. Let this surgery be it - done, finished - all clear, only manageable discomfort, swift and straightforward healing and then, Eli all will be well and you can leave this chapter behind and create something far more pleasing to live into. That is my wish for you - so as much as it sucks to be doing surgery when others are doing over-eating and family squabbles and ingratitude, Eli you will really be living thanksgiving! much love to you, your wife and to your surgical team. xxx
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Hi Eli...I hope your surgery goes well and the healing is as quick and painless as possible. You have such an incredibly positive attitude and that's what you need in your situation as you get ready for Round 2. You'll be in my prayers. Mari
I'm sending you good thoughts and prayers for your surgery. Good luck on doing the prep at the hotel, make sure you bring extra clothes with you. Happy Thanksgiving early! Are you sure you want hospital turkey, you might have to have your wife go out and get some good stuff. Love ya!
Eli.....wishing you a speedy recovery..I will be thinking of you. Sending love, Rachel xo
I wish you didn't have to be in the hospital over Thanksgiving, but it's best just to get in there and get this stuff taken care of. I thought about waiting because I didn't want to mess up Christmas, but decided that in the long-run, it was better to bite the bullet and get it done. We are going to have lots more holidays to enjoy in the future, we can give up one for the sake of getting healthy! Hugs-Ann
Happy Thanksgiving to you too Eli. Good luck with everything. The weather was nice here today( I was across the Dumbarton bridge on the Fremont side) so I'm hoping you'll have some good weather while driving. Sending you my prayers and happy thoughts Sharon
Man that's a bummer to be in hospital on Thanksgiving .I hope every thing goes well and that you do get turkey dinner.you will be in my thoughts and prayer Happy Thanks Giving Hugs Rena
Eli, you know I'd bring you a turkey and all the trimmings if I could. Good luck, my friend. :)
Praying for you, my friend. I have a surgery coming up as well & will be doing the bowel prep also. Yuck! Smart move getting a hotel room. :o) God speed, Eli. Hugs, Monica
Definitely keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I know all will go smoothly and you'll be headed home in no time. Thanksgiving in the hospital ? Maybe your pudding will be pumpkin flavored :-)
Eli I'm wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving and a speedy recovery. You are a true inspiration to us all!! XO! Jane
Don't forget the donuts on your way there!
Eli, I hope to read here soon that all was well with your surgery and you are able to have that turkey dinner. A big hug to you and yours...
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