Some things happen for a reason.

Some days I wake up and wonder what the day has in store for me. This morning after a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and coffee, I remembered that we had to go to the mall and pay Sears. We had planned to do it yesterday, but we forget. So after breakfast we headed to town to visit a friend in the hospital for a little while (he got discharged today). And then off to the mall we went to pay Sears. The girl, Sandra, that was helping us at the register had a cancer bracelet on, it was blue for colon cancer. I was hesitant at first to ask her about it, but at the last minute I asked her if it was a cancer bracelet and she said yes, that it was in support of her husband who had been diagnosed with colon cancer. I told her that I was a cancer survivor and with those words, it was like an instant bond with her. She began to tell us about his cancer, his battle, treatments, her worries, being pregnant while all this was happening. How he was diagnosed one day and two days later he was in surgery. How it quickly turns your world upside down. You could tell that she needed to let it all out, to just talk to someone that could relate to what she was going through, what she and her husband had gone through. She got teary eyed a few times, but she managed to just open up and let it all out. She kept saying, "I can't believe I'm telling my story to some strangers" You could see in her face and in her body language that it was such a relief to talk about this journey. She looked happy and relieved to get all this out of her. I told her about BFAC and how wonderful our family is here. I wrote down the link for her and told her to come on by, we are here for everyone and anyone who has dealt or is dealing with this terrible disease. We hugged her and told her to be strong, that everything would be fine. Who would have thought that going to Sears would put us in touch with someone who had a family member dealing with cancer. I guess not paying that bill yesterday happened for a reason, a very good reason. Love ya'll Eli
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Helen Marshall, Danell sent you a hug.
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You never know whose life you will touch. :) Thanks for sharing.
Hi Eli-- Sandra is thinking right now how lucky she was to be working today when you came into the store. What you did for her was so very kind and I really hope she checks us out here at BFAC. It bothers me a great deal to think of all the people like her and her husband who are going through cancer without the support we have here. I'm so glad you gave her the info. You are a true friend to us all and now to Sandra too!! Hugs-- Martha
I like that Eli, I bet you made her and her husbands week! :) Levi
I love this story, Eli. I have so many friends here because my kids have worked for years at local businesses and I know everyone there. I can't get through the grocery store without someone sharing with me. There is actually someone here I referred, though she doesn't talk much. But true, I can find that silver lining to every day if I look hard enough. I'm glad you made each other's day. xoxo
This is a wonderful story, Eli. Although Sandra probably can't believe she told a total stranger the intimate details of her husband's cancer, I think you get credit too. I'm sure you were gentle and sincere,and listened carefully. You enabled her to trust you, and that is a gift. I hope Sandra does come by the blog. Andrea
WOW What an amazing story Eli! I got chill reading it. You are so right there is such an instant bond with people and this awful disease!!
Love it!!!! Of course now you have some time to invite them to meet us at relay. Think how incredible it would be for him to stand to two more colon cancer survivors!!! Welcome home my friend, Larissa
Matey, that was the same feeling I had at the RFL a few weeks ago. A co-worker on our walking team had recently found out that he had cancer and approached me about it. we had a good chat and our working relationship now has a bond that we would have never have had before. We do what we can, and we pay it forward as we can. Cancer is a rather exclusive club that none of us wants to join, but the most welcoming club I have ever found. Good on you for being there for a stranger. I'm sure that it made her day. TJ OD@aT
Lovely story, Eli - made me think of the MLK jnr “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends" - you took a chance in asking and in that what a gift of friendship you made in noticing and speaking out as you asked ... it seems "friends" sometimes lack courage and compassion around cancer and walk on by. love, janet
Love that story, always feels better to talk about it with ones who understand.
Thanks for sharing. You are an amazing,caring person so I am sure that helped in her opening up! Rachel
Eli, thank you for noticing that woman's bracelet and asking about it. It's as if she wanted someone to know - otherwise why wear the bracelet? - but no one ever asked before. Maybe we all need to wear a bracelet...It was probably easier for her that she did not know you - but maybe you will meet again, and she'll feel more comfortable about letting go. Thank you for doing that and for sharing here.
Hi Eli, What a great story about reaching out to a stranger in need. I am so grateful that you "forgot" to pay Sears the day before. I am sure you helped this woman tremendously! I hope some day to meet you in person and give you a great big hug! amy
I also loved your story Eli! I can just imagine you giving her a hug just like you give all of us your hugs... I know you mean them! I've told several people about BFAC and always look for them, I hope we find Sandra and her husband here soon.
Thank you Eli. I read your message and it brought tears to my eyes as well. You have really great friends and I'd like to thank you for being a great listener and for being so supportive. You and your wife are awesome! I have yet to take off my bracelet and I don't think I ever will! Well, unless it wears out and I need a new one. ----/--@
Hope you are having a great birthday somewhere!!!
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