My Stanford visit

Hi everyone. Well I made my trip up to the Stanford University cancer center yesterday. It was a long drive up there, but I made it with about three hours to spare before my appointment. Finding parking was crazy, so once I got a spot I was not going anywhere. I first made sure I was at the correct place, which I was, so, I got some lunch and milled around the courtyard until I had to be at my appointment. Three hours was hard to kill. I tell you, I have never been to a hospital that had a piano in the lobby and a guy in a suit playing it. Very classy and very relaxing. Well once I got checked in, I waited maybe 15 minutes before they called me to the back, got my weight and bp. I was assigned an examination room before a Doctors assistant came in and spoke to me about the tumor board process and how it all works. After about twenty minutes, he left, then came back and went over my medical history since I first found out about my cancer. He asked a few questions to fill in some gaps and what not, but they pretty much knew my entire history, plus they had all my labs and scans. Once that was complete, he said that he would present my case at the tumor board and go over all my labs and scans with the board and see what turns up. He told me to go out and relax for about an hour and to be back in my assigned exam room by 1630. So I went back to the courtyard, milled around, had something to eat and waited. I then went back to my exam room and waited maybe 30 minutes before he came in. This time he had a student with him and he had Dr. F, the head of the tumor board. Dr. F spoke with me about the pain I am having and said that it was adhesions and that as long as I can tolerate the pain, which I can, he said there is no sense in going in to fix it without the risk of causing more adhesions. I am good with that. The pain is not as bad as it use to be and I can live with it. It is just annoying at times, but it does hinder me in any way. He then spoke to me about the tumor that I have, the one I had the CAT Scan guided needle biopsy done on. He said that the biopsy showed it was not cancerous but that does not mean it can't become cancer somewhere down the line. He said that it is in an easy spot to go in and remove, but then again why do surgery on something that is not affecting me. And once again, I agree with that. I do not want to go under the knife again if not necessary. He also said that IF in future scans that the tumor/mass does show significant change in growth, then we can use radiation therapy to get rid of it. Or we can do surgery and or a combination of surgery and chemotherapy to get rid of it and any pesky counterparts it may have brought along with it. Dr. F was great, the staff was great, overall the entire experience for me was outstanding. I was released just in time to get caught up in bay area traffic, which those of you that may have experienced before know what a headache it can be. So now that all this is behind me, I can call my Onc. and get back on a schedule with him. He last told me that depending on how my Stanford visit turned out, he would keep me on six months visits or move me up to yearly visits. Which would be cool, but kind of scary at the same time. So we shall see what the good doctor has planned for me. I am still feeling tired, even though I slept in this morning, so I should sleep well again tonight. This coming Sunday I am attending a cancer survivors brunch here in my town. I had mixed feelings about going, but some great friends of mine convinced me to go. Well that is all for now, thank you all for your love and support. Eli Rest In Peace Donnie
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I'm so glad that your trip was more surgery sounds great! Gives you piece of mind. I know that many of us were awaiting your update;) Have a great time this weekend. Enjoy your survivor lunch---for that is what you are! Hugs, Rachel
Hi Eli! This is all wonderful news! I had a feeling you were going to find out that adhesions were the reason for your pain. I may have told you previously that I had a good friend who experienced that also. While painful at times, I hope you can deal with them without having to have more surgery. Also, here's hoping that pesky benign tumor stays just as it is and needs no further attention. I'm so glad you made this trip and had the consult--peace of mind is worth it! I'm so very happy for you, my dear friend! May God bless you with nothing but good news from here on! Love-- Martha
Great news eli! Plus it sounds like a good team.
I'm happy your trip worked out surgery, no cancer. I hope the pain continues to ease for you. *hugs*
Eli, I'm so happy for you! I'm glad that the tumor does not show cancer and that treatment is not needed at this time. I hope your pain keeps lessening as time goes on to where it no longer bothers you. I just know you'll have a good time at the brunch and meet some more great people. My cancer center has a piano and I have seen people play it. It instantly made me relax and then it made me wonder how much more I had to pay for treatment :) Love to you, Donna
Yay, and our survivor lap is just around the corner! Great news!
Sorry to hear about your long day, but it sounds like you are pleased with the outcome and that it was worth it.Hope you are pleased with what your onc has to say and you can get back to life as normal as it can be. TJ OD@aT
Eli - reading your post has brought tears of happiness to my eyes! So pleased for you that you have had this reassurance and been seen and treated so well - no less than you deserve and it sounds worth the drive and the waiting and the traffic! Hurrah. Now that you have this reassurance you can really focus on being well and who knows, maybe with visualisation and diet you can impact that benign tumour and shrink it away. I am wondering if working with a good yoga teacher might help you with the pain from the adhesions . . . Wishing you all good things and sending love, janet
Eli you are so right - it would be great not to have to go to the doctor so much, but sometimes I think I would like to go every week just to hear him say "you are still fine, NED!" A piano player at the hospital? I thought the only place they did that was at classy bars or Nordstrom's department stores! Happy weekend! Hugs, HM
I am renewed with your good news my friend. After such a sad week, it is so good to hear you have peace of mind once again. Let's enjoy the renewal of spring and hopes that everyone will be serenaded with good news for a change. Piano's a nice touch, too bad they didn't have a margarita bar too! Lol.
Glad that your getting good news, cant worry what the future holds, we all have too much living to do right now. Levi
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