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Hi, well I haven't had much to write about recently. I met with my Oncologist last Wednesday, he said all looked good from my last lab work and the colonoscopy I had. They took more labs and scheduled me for a CAT Scan which I had yesterday. I drank the nasty barium and was nauseas the rest of the evening. My scan went well beside having to lift my right arm, I had a torn rotator cuff, but it still hurts to lift it up over my head. I had scans done on my abdominal and pelvic regions, my Oncologist should have the results either tomorrow or Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. Other than that, not much else going on. I hope that everyone is doing well, lots of love, Eli
Rachel sent you a prayer.
Diane sent you a hug.
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I am so happy that there is not much going on for you!!! That's great news... Best wishes for a great New Year.. Frank
Hi Eli - good to read that there was nothing untoward to report back from your tests . . . wishing you a peaceful wait for the CT results and hoping that they don't keep you hanging on too long. Wishing you ongoing healing and happiness, much love, janet
Hey Eli! Good job on getting the barium down! That stuff really is nasty. I hope you will get your scan results today so you can have a stress-free weekend. I feel in my heart that everything is going to come back A-OK. Please keep us posted and have a great weekend! Love-- Martha
Much love Eli, best wishes for the scan results being boring. We need your wit next door at the house of which we don't promote here! Give your wife a smashing hug from all of us. She has to be some kinda lady! xoxo
Good to hear your doing well God bless Mac
So glad everything went well for you, Eli! Hopefully the the other scans come out clear too!
Hey there, my friend. Hope everything goes well. I will be sending lots of positive energy your way, as always. Always in my thoughts :) Hugs, Vero
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October 8, 2014

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