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Hello everyone, I have not had much to write about since the mole, the missed appointments and Long John I went shopping with my wife this past Saturday, we had lunch and she bought shoes because a woman can never have enough shoes right? lol We did go to one store just as my stomach was stirring and go figure the bathroom is out of order. So, I take a deep breath and just wait until we go to the store next door, no worries right? Wrong. I ask one of the employees there where the bathrooms are located and she tells me that I have to go next door, as in "out of order" next door. Now I begin to panic and the nervous sweating sets in, so I tell my wife that we need to go somewhere that has a working bathroom. This was the first time that I did not have bathrooms readily available for me to use, not something that I want to experience again. I think that I should buy an RV so I can have my own bathroom when I need it, problem solved right? Saturday was also marked my one year cancer free anniversary, I did not celebrate in any way, no cake, candles, ice cream or dangerous balloons, just a hug from Lori and a prayer for my BFAC family was enough for me. Love, Eli
Jill, Nancy sent you a prayer.
Debbie sent you a hug.
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Eli-- Happy One Year Anniversary! Woohoo! No celebration? Well, I went out and celebrated for you on Friday night! Had a margarita and lots of guacamole. Maybe MY celebration was what you were dealing with on Saturday! lol! Sorry if I overdid it, dear friend. :( I agree, the RV could come in real handy. May Saturday be the first of many, many, many anniversaries for you. Take care and here's some hugs and prayers for you! Martha
Eli, You make me laugh and I can so relate to the bathroom issue. Congrats on one year, sending you a cyber cupcake, balloons and big hugs. Donna
AHHHHHHHHHH DONNA NOOOOOOOOOOOOO BALLOOOOONS!! Sorry Eli, I couldn't stop her. Happy anniversary. If it wasn't a big deal you would have forgotten it babe. I was on my way to work one morning, driving through the 'bad' part of Baltimore city when the Oh No urge hit me. I pulled in to a Walgreens, walked up to the counter, thank goodness there were no customers. I was sweating by then. She told me out of order too, I said look, sweetie (in a nice way), I (pulled the cancer card) and said I know how customers can mess up your restroom but I really need it and I promise I won't make a mess! I must have looked desperate cause she took me back, through the back room and unlocked the padlocked door. She was my angel that day. As I flushed, the metal handle fell on the floor with a loud CLANG! I knew she was near enough to hear. I tried to put it back, but by the way it fell, I knew it was already broken. I went out and handed it to her like a little kid. She wasn't mad, but I apologizred anyway. Later. xoxo, Debbie
The RV would be great Eli, except you'd have to park too far away for it to be useful when you really need it :) You deserve many happy survivor anniversaries, Eli. Congratulations. Andreas
Yeah, Happy Anniversary! Sending you lots of love and I will eat some cake for you. hee hee.
Eli, That is a great but expensive idea about the RV, I wonder if you could write it off your taxes as a medical necessity...LOL, it would help with the horrendous CA taxes that I thank God every time my bff says something about taxes in CA for not going back to CA after college:). TX is nice for not having state taxes, and TN was the same way...just federal!. Yeah on your one year new birthday of Life!!! Melinda
Happy Anniversary! As far as the RV goes, not a bad idea except if I had an RV, I'd fill it with shoes :-) Just warning you.
Eli, Buy the RV brother! Buy the RV and still use other peoples washroom! Tell the wife the RV is so she is comfortable on her way to get shoes. I meen I bought 2 Harleys last week, one for the wife and one so the wife could be comfy behind me. If you are any kinda hubby at all you will have an RV by Monday. Besides if you did not get cake for your i year you NEED an RV. Be good to yourself Mac
Congrats on your One Year! Also, thanks for always giving me great inspiration! Rachel
Hey friend, glad to hear it's been one year cancer-free for you already! Can't wait for the day I can say I'm cancer-free, I assure you I will not be so down-key about it but will probably want to shout it from the rooftops! LOL. Sorry about the potty situation, I'm sure it was dreadful, but still...the way you tell it had me laughing out loud! Keep up the great humor always, take care my friend! Hugs!!!! Vero
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October 8, 2014

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