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Hey folks, I went to see the Doc yesterday to get the results from the biopsy on the mole. The results were negative for any signs of cancer, so that was a huge relief for me, but as always, I was prepared for bad news. He said it was just from being in the sun and from aging...I'll blame it on the I made it to the appointment on time, talked and laughed with the nurses before I saw Dr. S. all in all it was a great day. Plus my wife's vehicle is fixed, only cost $227, it runs like new, so I'm happy. I also called my Oncologist office and found out that they are moving. The nurse I spoke with attempted to tell me where they are moving to, but I explained to her that I am a "geographical" driver, I really don't know streets except for the one I live As soon as she mentioned that the new location is across from the IHOP I was good to go, I love pancakes, so this could be a great of love and hugs to you my friends, Eli
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Excellent news all around! What a great way to start the weekend! Yeah, the sun, that's it, of course you are waaaayyyy too young for moles lol. Now you just have to make sure you go to the correct IHOP. Hugs, Donna
Yay! Great news, Eli. Of course it's the sun ... all that Calif livin'. Now you have a good reason to get back to star gazing. Be well. Andrea
Hi Eli! WooHoo! I'm so very happy to hear your great news! Congrats on the negative biopsy results. I know this is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, so relax, breathe again and do something fun this weekend to celebrate! I laughed when you mentioned your oncologist's new office is across from the IHOP and that you love pancakes. My favorite time to go to IHOP is when they have all-you-can-eat pancakes. I am sure they always lose money on me! :) Have a great weekend, dear friend, and congrats on your wonderful news! Hugs-- Martha
It's not cancer or from too much's what we call a good old fashioned "Beauty Mark"! So glad it all turned out okay. Oh, yeah, and for the car too! My daughter's Volvo was flooded last week while at the shop getting body repair from when my hubby ran into it with the boat trailer.....yes, long story. Hope you enjoy the weekend. Big hugs to you and yours! Teresa
here I am, right after Andrea again (always), I can never accuse her of copying me, but she says the SAME things I would have said. I suppose I could save lots of energy if I can just get Andrea to sign her comments, Andrea and Debbie! lol. I have to tell you I realized I was holding my breath while reading your post, only when I saw the good news and exhaled! Need I say more? Now go hug your wife and tell her it's from me! I'm a big hugger (matter of fact, the hug button was from me!), you just made me feel like a big group hug!! xoxo, Debbie
WOOOT! Nice news for you! What a great way to start your weekend. So it's from the sun. Well, ya just gotta put more sunblock on when you go strut ur stuff out on the California beaches. I know u love to show off the bay watch bod, but put on the sunblock! hehe
Great news Eli - IHOP YUMMY~ I love the harvest grain pancakes - I pretend I am eating healthy. Oh yeah and congrats on the good biopsy results. I'm a moley girl so I totally understand. My first basal cell was removed at 39 I blame it on cheerleading and the early tanning beds. Enjoy your weekend.
Hey..218 days till Lemoore's Relar for Life...shall I save the date and meet u for the survivor lap?
When I read the post title--I held my breath (like Debbie said). I am so happy to hear the good news. Congrats (now stay out of the sun!), Take care, Rachel
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October 8, 2014

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