Blame it on the nap.

Well yesterday I was scheduled to go in and find out the biopsy results on the mole on my mug. So I was lazing around waiting for time to pass before I headed out to my appointment. So I decided I should double check to see if it was at 12:00 or 12:30, turns out it was at 10:45. It was 11:15 by this time, so I missed it completely, not even close to blame it on So I called the Doc's office and scheduled for Thursday at 1:45. I blamed it on me working on my wife's car, but it was me being lazy and taking a nap that made me But that's just between you and me. For those of you that have been on BFAC for awhile now, our friend Amy Long sends her love and prayers. She is doing well, she just needs a break from cancer. She will be back and check in on everyone soon. I wish everyone a great day, keep up the fight, lots of hugs, prayers and love, Eli
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Hi Eli-- Since none of us have the name or number of your doctor, I think your secret is safe with us! :) Here in the metro Atlanta area, the excuse of being stuck in traffic is usually a valid one, but way overused! I think I'll use the nap one next time I'm running late, you know, just to change it up a bit! hehehe! Please let us know what you find out on Thursday. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers until then! Hugs-- Martha
Heck, the way doctors usually run, you probably could have gotten there and still had to wait. I have to put my doctors appts on my cell phone calendar and then hope I can hear it alert, hint hint. They won't tell you over the phone? I'm sure everything is fine but no naps for you on Thurday! Hugs, Donna
Hi .well who's a silly goose forgetting app same here with traffic .takes 2 hours on a bad day to get to my hospital. Seeing its lunch time i better go get showered and dressed luv sally
Forget traffic! Dude, pull the "C" card! I use it even if I'm lying. Mom, we were supposed to do that yesterday, oh honey, I just didn't feel up to it, you know I'm still feeling effects of radiation. That's one that is just about used to the bone. Still, there's always chemo-brain! lol xo, deb
LOL. You made me laugh my friend. It is so good to know I'm not the only one with cancer-brain :-) I love the great attitude, taking it in stride when someone else would be angry (and justifiably so)...big points for that! Hope everything goes well, and don't miss this one, put on the alarm if you feel sleepy! Keep us posted. Lots of positive energy, hugs and kisses your way! Vero
I agree with Debbie blame it on the C especially if you get there Thursday and they try and charge you for the missed appointment. Here's hoping for good results. I've had my fair share of mole biopsies send me a picture and I can probably tell you what it is. just kidding but I am getting pretty good at it. Right now I have another basal on my leg I am watching but it isn't getting the attention it needs because someone decided basal cell isn't as imporatant as Stage IV Lymphoma go figure.
On, well ... Donna is right. You may still have had to wait. I've thought of sending a bill to doctors who makes me wait more than 30 minutes. My time is important too. Shall we send you reminders on Thursday morning, Eli? Those of us on the east coast can start real early Pac time :) Be well. Andrea
Keep us posted on the results. I will be praying for good news.
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October 8, 2014

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