Hello all. Well I was at the ER early this morning. I had abdominal pains and was vomiting like crazy. I think it was the food(Long John Silvers)I had was just to greasy or something for my new piping to handle. My abdomen, sides and back hurt like hell. Normally I have a high tolerance for pain, but this was just too much for me to handle, so I had Lori take me to the ER around 0230, the pain started around 10 pm or so. By then my mind was all over the place "now what" was all I could think of. I want to say that the Doctor that attended to me was very cool, plus he had my medical history for the last two years with him. He told me that with my history with cancer and the hemi, that he wanted to cover all bases, so he ordered a bunch of test, plus chest and abdominal xrays, just to be sure all was well. This may sound a little overboard to some folks, but you know that to us, we can never have too many test or xrays. Everything came back clear, so we are not sure what caused me to fall ill like that. But I still believe it was the food. My wife ate the same thing, but she was fine and had no ill effects. I had an iv put in, some morphine for pain and some Zofran for nausea. I was released around 7 this morning and just slept and slept. I am hydrating and just relaxing for now. I'm on a clear liquid diet for the next 24 hours. I don't have an appetite right now, so no worries there. I appreciate the Doctor taking into consideration my history and that he took those extra steps to ensure that all bases were covered, I wish there were more like him out there. He prescribed the Zofran and told me that if the pain starts up again, so go back in and not take any chances. Have a great weekend my friends, enjoy your pizza's, margaritas, bbq's, family and friends, hugs and prayers, Eli
Danell threw a punch at your cancer.
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Sorry to hear about your trip to the hospital. I’m happy you are doing well and it’s good that you had an ER doc that listened and did what he could for you. See what you get for eating Long John Silvers ;) So how long will it before you go there again hmmm? Maybe someone discovered that you were rooting for the Cards instead of the Reds and gave you a bad piece of fish. Hope you feel well enough by tomorrow to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Sending hugs your way, Donna
Blah is right man. That sounds just awful! My appetite is still iffy so Long Johns would not be on my list. I'm still working my way back into Mexican. I'm just so glad that the doctor did the tests...we need that extra peace of mind. Take it easy on yourself (and your tummy) this weekend! Hugs Teresa
Oh Eli! I'm so sorry to hear this dude! LJS food will getcha every time--I haven't eaten there in years. I ate Mexican tonight, as I do every weekend--it's always a gamble. Sometimes I get a straight flush and sometimes I get craps! :( I hope you are feeling better now. Perhaps next time you should try the Filet-O-Fish at McD's! Take good care and stay out of the ER! Hugs-- Martha
Gotta love Martha don't you? Straight flush or Feeling for you my friend. Go very easy reintroducing WILL take more than 24 hours to be back to normal so stick with bland, non greasy/spicy stuff through the weekend. Prayers for a quick recovery. :D
Yes, according to my Uncle Ken, those darn exams are just as scary as the diagnosis. But good for you, everything is clear. Watch Long John, and those spicy foods, sometimes, even if we are use to them, our insides, tell us they have changed their minds (smile). Continued good health to you, and have a blast over the weekend, and continued good health in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. The best to you and family.
Eli - what a rough night . . . so glad the tests came back clear and that you are more comfortable now. Hurrah for a good and attentive doc who reassured you with his professionalism. Rest well and feel better. I think sometimes our insides are just more susceptible to "bugs" than insides that haven't been tampered with - that has been my experience of late anyway. Sometimes an upset stomach is just that . . . love to you, janet
Glad that everything came back ok. Smart Doc. Why is it making the decision to go to the ER is always the hardest one to make? We never want to be a burden even to those who's job it is to take care of us.
Sorry to hear it Eli - maybe it was something in the air. Last night I was up vomiting which was a huge deal It is the first time for me - I replayed everything I ate yesterday as well. I guess you just never know. I'm thinking it was red meat - which I haven't had in weeks. Glad to hear the gods of physicians was looking out for you. Danell
Eli, my friend.. I have been writing this morning and just started reading. Sucks is all I can add. Everyone above said what I would have anyway, but martha said it best! Hydrate and rest and do me one favor. . . As soon as you feel all better and every symptom of this mess is gone, SIT BACK DOWN and don't push it too hard. Leave your Superman cape in the phone booth and just enjoy feeling better. xoxo, Debbie
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