Borescope and sea legs

Hey folks, as you now know, I got scoped yesterdy, my colonoscopy/borescope went well. I did not get seen until almost 11:15 or so. The waiting sucked, I was ready to walkout. But the nurse finally came in and got me, I got changed into a robe, only kept my socks on, I'm glad they did not have any holes in I then got an iv, waited a few, then the bell rang, yeppers, it was more like a chime. I thought the nurse was kidding when she said when the bell rings it's your turn. So the bell rang and off we went, I layed on my left side, then the RN said, "Ok, I'm going to give you the "i forgot what it's called", I said what is that for, she said it's going to put you to sleep, I then said, I feel sleepy already, that was the last thing I recall. I then woke up in the recovery room, but I don't really remember much of that. My wife said that times I was coherent, but most of the time I was loopy. She said that she dressed me and that when she was putting my shoes on, she was going to put the left one on first, but that I said, No, put the right one on Which is funny because that is how I put them on, always the right one first. They give me a print out of six images, kind of cool, kind of not, but one of them was of the anastomosis from the hemi I had, so that was interesting to see. When they wheeled me out to the car my wife said that I walked, if you can call it that, to the door from the wheel chair, and that I said "This feels like I'm on the ship, like sea legs" and that the nurse looked at her and said What? So my wife said, Oh, he's retired Navy, he is saying that he feels like he is walking on the ship. I don't remember a thing. I did not get my burger, she just got me home and put me to bed. So last night I was up at 0230, so why waste the night, I took my telescope out and did some stargazing, zoomed in on Jupiter and on the Great Nebula in Orion. So all in all it as good, painless, I feel like nothing went on. The Doc prescribed me something to take 30 mins. before each meal, I can't recall what it's called, but the pharmacy has to order it, so I won't get it until Monday. But I don't feel any after effects, so that is good. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend, hugs and prayers, Eli
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Hi Eli! That propofol is good stuff, eh? I remember very little about the post-procedure part of my scope in June. Sounds like you were out like a light and that's right where one wants to be during a boroscope! :) The hangover is not nearly as bad as the one from tequila! Glad you rebounded and felt like doing some star-gazing (since you were awake anyway!). I'm so happy everything looked good and no worries! Have a great weekend! Hugs-- Martha
Another day, another poke. Glad it's over man. Hey, thanks for reminding me about the August sky. Hopefully we'll get a clear night to see the show. I know nothing about telescopes except for things like lens size, which relate to cameras, but my boyfriend was making noise in the spare room the other night for me to discover him assembling his own telescope.Again, knowing nothing, it looks like yours: HUGE! can't wait to feel better in a couple more days so I can enjoy the view toward heaven. Be well. xoxo, Debbie
Eli, Sounds like you had a very smooth day! I am glad you got through it and even got pictures, that was probably the highlight of the who procedure. Melinda
Yay, its over. So happy for you. Funny how we all wake up differently. I wake before they even take me out of the procedure room, beg people to let me go minutes into the recovery room, stop for a cupcake a mile down the road and then going shopping before finishing the 3 1/2 hour drive home. lol, no they don't let me drive, darn that could be a story. Here's to good times, funny experiences and the best news of our lives...clean scopes and scans. Smiling, Larissa
When I first read your post about the colonoscopy/borescope, I thought oh crap another procedure I never heard of. Then I read your other post and it all makes sense. I think it’s weird that they give you pictures. I was going to put mine up at work just to gross everyone out since they all put their baby ultrasounds up but decided to be nice to them. Good thoughts heading your way, Donna
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