Drop your pants please....

So when I was in the Navy, in the jet fighter community and we had a problem or had to do an internal visual inspection on a jet engine, we would do a borescope. We would remove some panels, find the access port and insert a flexible camera, take a look around and make sure everything was good to go. Why do I mention this you ask? Well guess who gets to have a "borescope" done tomorrow morning? Yes fans, it's me, at 0930 tomorrow morning, let the borescope begin. I already drank half of the myralax, I start on the rest in about an hour, it's mixed with orange Gatorade, so no worries about hurling it all back up like that nasty barium. So well see how the colonoscopy/borescope goes tomorrow. I do know that I will be so hungry by the time it's over, I may have to have my wife stop somewhere and pick me up big burger and fries.....yummmmm...I would love a Whataburger....Tmay, help me out with that one....lol...hugs and prayers my friends, Eli
Donnie threw a punch at your cancer.
Michelle sent you a prayer.
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hi there ,borescope thats a good name .hope all goes well for you .will be thinking of you luv sally
Eli-- Hope all goes well today, my friend. By now, you are prepped and ready to go (or hopefully NOT go--at least until the scope is done!). I'll be thinking of you. The best part of having a colonoscopy is the 20-minute nap--these days that seems to be the only time I sleep really, really good! :( I hope you feel like having that burger and fries on the way home--you're a brave man! Let us know how it all turns out. Sending up prayers for you-- Hugs-- Martha
Hi Eli - good luck with your engine inspection tomorrow . . . hope it all goes smoothly and with minimum fuss. Shall be thinking of you and wishing you well, with love, janet
You know my prayers are with you and I can't wait to hear the gooooood news! Larissa
Boroscope is a perfect name. Suggest to your doc that he change the name for this lovely procedure. Hope you don't need any new parts. If you can handle a burger and fries right after, I am totally impressed. Good guts, Eli. Andrea
I just wish I could fed-x you a Wataburger but I don't think it would make the trip very well. Honestly, I do think they are the best too! I'm thinking of you as you go thru the scope. Hope it goes easy for you and you get a good lunch afterwards! Hugs Teresa
LOL eli, I'm an ex Interior Communications Electrician from the Navy, so your doing the ol borescope eh? bring a big bottle of KY! ROFL! No, really I hope all goes well for you good luck Airdale! God Bless!
First of all, thank you for your service. I'm proud to know you. Second, good luck tomorrow and "Bottoms Up!!" hehe, Debbie
In the navy how cool. I hope it went as well as it could this morning. At least by the time you read this it is all over with. yuck!!
Wishing you the best results from your colonoscopy/borescope..... Nancy
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