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Well I went in this morning to see the Doc about the moles on my face, turns out he really can't do a biopsy on them until my insurance approves of it. So he just asked some questions and looked at them, took some notes and what not. So I guess now I wait for my insurance company to make the next move so I can move along with this. I did met some great nurses and staff, so that was cool. I'm always joking with those folks whenever I go see a Doc for this or that, so maybe they'll treat me extra special....lol, hugs and prayers, Eli
Debbie threw a punch at your cancer.
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Hi Eli-- I'm sorry you didn't get any real answers today on the moles. I can't believe an ins. co. would deny approval for biopsies, so hopefully you'll get approval real soon so they can be checked. It's certainly not fun being in wait mode. Try not to worry and have a good weekend. Hugs-- Martha
Hate the hurry up and wait thing. When do you think they'll approve the biopsy? Keep us posted and stay well. Hotter than hades here and the "Man" is heading for Corpus to fish tomorrow...crazy. Teresa
Eli, It really sucks that you got absolutely no answers today! But I am glad to see you took it in stride and still in a good mood about it! I am generally nice to the staff also when I go to the doctors the nurses can be real grumpy at times:) or all of the time... Melinda
Hi Eli, You sound like me with the nurses and staff. I always try to have fun every day, especially in treatment where everyone could use some lighten up spray. Everyone has those stories about stupidity with insurance. I went through a period of a few weeks when all of my claims were flagged and not paid because they said I had another source of insurance! Hello? I had been unmarried, living and working at the same place for years. It nearly took an act of congress to get them to go back and undo whatever glitch caused the error. Anyway, hopefully they get it together this week so you can get this thing over with. Close your eyes, I'm gonna throw a punch at your moles!!!! xoxo, Debbie
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October 8, 2014

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