Hey there my friends, I hope that eveyone is well. Here is the latest with me, I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on the 19th of this month, it's in the morning, so it'll be good to get it out of the way early in the day and just get it over with. Ok, tomorrow I am seeing a Doc about the moles on my face, that one is at 0800, so I might have to miss out on Boston Med tonight so I can be up and at 'em tomorrow morning. I was looking at some pictures and it appears to me that the moles in question began to grow back in 2001/2. They are flat and rough and not round like skin tags, so we shall see what happens with them. I really did not pay much attention to them until my wife made the appointment for me to see our Doc since she was concerned about them. Just recently Kaye Cowher, wife of former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher passed away from skin cancer, hearing about her death was a shock to me, I really did not think that someone could die from skin cancer. So I am somewhat worried about this, I know I should not be until all is said and done, but I guess it's just my nature to be a worry wart. So I'll update everyone on what the Doc says and does and what not, so until then, all be well, lots of hugs and prayers, Eli
Del, Debbie threw a punch at your cancer.
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Best to you tomorrow and for your colonoscopy later in the month, Eli. Andrea
Best wishes and hope and pray for it to be nothing. Did you take 5-FU? My doc told me that is what they use to treat skin cancer. I did not know that, he was teasing me about needing to go out in the sun, I am very fair skin and since I have been sick for two years I have literally not been in any sun due to med reactions to the heat and sun...anyway he said, "You have had so much 5-FU that we should not be worried about skin cancer for a good 20, 30, 40 years". I told him that was nice to know but I will continue avoiding the sun:). Melinda (How do you do those early appointments?) LOL
Dear Eli-- I want to wish you all the best with your appt. today with the skin doctor. May these moles be benign and of no threat to your health. Please let us know what you find out. As for the colonoscopy, I'm sure all will be fine and you'll get all good news. The scope itself is no big deal--that stuff they use to knock one out for the exam really works! The worst part is the prep, which really is no fun at all, but you'll do fine. I wish you all the best, as always, and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs-- Martha
Hi Eli--Best of luck on your tests! Will hope for great results. Cancer makes us all worry warts...not sure if that will ever go away?, take care, Rachel
Hey Eli, sending a few prayers your way for great test results. God Bless
Praying for you to for great test results! Take care, Lisa
Knowing you are on top of things makes me sure that you will be fine! Good luck and know my prayers are with you!!!
Sending good thoughts your way!! Will be thinking of you! Jane
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