Jaws, scars and mementos.

Earlier today I was thinking about a scene in the 1975 movie Jaws. If you've seen it, you will recall the scene on Quint's boat the Orca when they are floating around in open water, at night waiting for the shark to come out and play. Well Quint starts telling the story about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, then he and Hooper begin comparing scars and the tale that goes with each one, moray eel bite, bull shark scrape, etc. It made me think of how it would be for us all to get together and compare scars, which I'm sure most of us have somewhere on our bodies. Ah, the stories we would tell...lol. Sometimes I'll let out a small laugh or giggle a little when I hear someone complain about a little scar or cut they have, it makes me want to say "Yeah buddy, you want to see scars, I'll show you scars"...lol. Keep fighting my friends, lots of love, hugs and prayers to you all, Eli
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Hi Eli-- I wear my port scar proudly--it's my "Badge of Courage!" Martha
Completely agree...I have scars all over now...starting to look a little like Frankenstein :)
Hey Eli, I have a total of 19 linear inches of surgery scars on my 60 inch (tall) body. The longest is from a benign chest tumor. Cancer is only six inches. I hope this is the end. I like your idea. If we laid all our scars end to end, we'd probably make the circumference of the earth :-) Andrea
body modification - a lifestyle choice - and some people pay a lot of money for it! : )
I have two nasty looking port scars above my heart...one time my doc had a student with her and was letting the student look me over while jotting down info. Finally she asked the student what do you think the scars are? I blurted out "let me answer". Doc frowned and asked student again, when student couldnt' answer doc gave me the go ahead look. Total serious face and dry humor voice I stated "knife fight, ex-boyfriend, I won". The student turned white, and doc didn't find it funny, but I thought it was great fun. She didn't even get to see the multiple chest to groin scars. Oh well, next time. Bah hah hah. Continue to find humor in the moment my friend. :) Blessings to you, Larissa
I have 2 scars from cancer, 4 from knee surgery, 3 from abdominal laparascopic surgery, and 1 from repair from a broken hand. I refer to the one from my thyroidectomy as my "Pez dispenser opening"
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