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Well as a few of you may know by now, I had an appointment with my oncology Dr. last week. Everything went good, I put on three pounds and my lab work was good. He spoke to my wife and I and said that he wants to have a CT Scan done and also have a colonoscopy done, just to be reassured that all is well internally. So my CT Scan is scheduled for next Tuesday, but I don't have a date set for the colonoscopy as of yet. Plus I have an appointment with a Dermatologist for my moles on August 6th. These last two weeks have been crazy, between my wife and I, we had so many doctors appointments, lab work to get done and what not. I had to print out calendars for us to keep track of all our appointments. My wife has really low iron levels, so our Doc has her on iron pills, but said she may have to have an iron drip (iv) if her levels do not improve. She already had an iron injection, but that did not do anything for her levels. So we'll see what all happens in the next two weeks. I'll keep ya'll posted as things progress, hugs and prayers to all of my friends, Eli
Del, Debbie sent you a prayer.
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Hi Eli-- The month of June was my month for this, that and the other, so I can empathize with what you are going through right now. Those appts. take so much time and all I can think of is "that's 3 hours of my life I'll never get back!" :( But we do what we must to stay ahead of this stuff! I'm sure your scan and colonoscopy will both be clean and you'll be able to relax for awhile. I'm sorry your wife is also having problems with her iron levels. Sounds just like at my house, as hubby is having a basal cell cancer taken off his ear on Monday. Around here, it's all about ears and rears lately! :) As always, I wish you nothing but great results and am sure that's exactly what you'll get. I will keep both you and your wife in my prayers. Hugs-- Martha
Eli: Good to hear that you appointment went well and that your Doctor is being diligent in ordering the scans and colostomy. You want to keep up on these things and then, after the all clear, forget about it and move on. I'm sorry your wife is having problems with low iron...just gotta be more like Popeye, I guess, and eat those dark greens maybe? Hopefully her numbers will rise and she'll be feeling better. Just to let you know, thought of you a few weeks ago with the hurricane hitting south Tx. My husband and daughter were at Port Aransas and though they were not in the eye of the storm, my girl now brags that she's been through a hurricane! Not Even! Huricane Celia (i think) in the 70s destroyed my Mother-in-Laws house which was on Chapparel Street in downtown Corpus...she still had tears talking about loosing all of her family things. I ramble. Let us know how things go with your tests! Teresa
Eli, I am happy that your appt. went well. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that your CT and colonoscopy come out clean too. As I am sure they will. I will also keep your wife in my thoughts in prayers that her iron comes back to normal. Take care and keep us updated. nancy
Hey Teresa, good to hear from you friend. I remember Hurricane Celia, I was a kid and scared out of my wits. My Dad decided that we would ride it out, then at the last minute changed his mind, we drove to a nearby school just as Celia was roaring in, I will never forget the sound of that wind. I'm a rambler myself, so I'm keeping this
Nothing like having everybody seeing doctors from one end of town to the other end...Oh that was speaking from personal experience:). When my dad was initially diagnosed with his cancer his appointments were in the opposite side of town from my oncologist and other doctors. I hope your wife feels better soon and that you continue to do well! Melinda
Thinking of you both...may the news, only be good news. Dani xx
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October 8, 2014

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