And my feelings where?

I was laying in the bed the other night unable to sleep, reflecting back on how crazy this past summer was for my wife and I. I was recalling in my mind the days before I went in to have my ruptured impacted appendix removed, I kept getting a feeling that something else was wrong, that I was going to get some sort of bad news. I tried not to think about it, I tried to stay positive and that everything would be okay, but there in back of my head was the feeling that something else "was" wrong. As much as I would try to push that feeling out and not think about it, it always came back. I don't know how many of you discovered you had cancer after going in to have surgery for something else. But it was a total shocker, I was very surprised, but at the same time I was like "I knew it!" my feelings were right. It' like that first instincts feeling, you know how it's said to go with your instincts, that is what that feeling I had was like, like an instinct. This was an elective surgery and I'm glad that I decided to have it otherwise we may never have known that I had cancer and my life would have been completely different than what it is now. I continue to recover from the hemi I had a little over a month ago, so far it's going well. I hope and pray the same goes for everyone else out there. Hugs and prayers, Eli
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Eli-- The old saying "No one knows your own body better than you" definitely holds true. The problem arises when we don't listen! I'm so glad you listened to yours and that your cancer was found at an early stage. I'm happy to hear you are doing well and I wish you continued progress towards total recovery. Take care. Martha
Eli, the exact same thing happened to me. I knew before I went to my family doctor that there was something seriously wrong with me. My doctor was pretty positive it was just hemoroids but I felt differently. I kept my feelings to myself until the day of the colonscopy. As my husband and I sat in the waiting room waiting for me to go back and have it done, I broke down in tears. He looked at me and said honey what's wrong? I looked at him and said something is really wrong with me and they are going to find something. My husband tried to reassure me nothing would be wrong, but afterwards when I woke up and the doctor told me he was pretty sure I had a cancerous tumor, my husband told me that he also felt something was wrong with me but didn't want to tell me. So not only did I know something was wrong, but my husband was having the same feelings too. We are married 21 years so I guess he knew me pretty well. Hang in there we are all praying for you, hugs, amy
hi, eli. i'm glad to hear you are feeling pretty well. thank God you did have that elective surgery. wierd how we know when there is something wrong, huh?... even when we have no idea what exactly it is. i sure never thought i had cancer before my emergency d&c. after that, when i saw the pics of what they removed from my uterus, i knew it was cancer... the pathology proved me to be right. you keep hanging in there, eli, and i hope you get better with each passing day. i am praying for you. keep the faith. debby
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October 8, 2014

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